Looking for Jesus? Let Jesus come to you.

As celebrity endorsements go this is a pretty good one. If you’re interested in the Great Christmas Giveaway copies of Reuben Thomas’s piece Jesus’ Lullaby, but haven’t got a baritone soloist who can sing the part of Christ, then don’t worry. In true Messianic style, Reuben is offering himself, not as a libation for your sins, but as a baritone soloist to sing the part of Jesus with you. (See the competition’s terms here.)

Reuben isn’t our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – I don’t want to create that impression – but he is a professional singer, and as well as having written the piece, he also sang the part of Jesus at its first performance last year. So if you’re stuck for your own Jesus, Reuben would be ideal.

One of the consequences of Reuben’s not being the real Jesus is that his offer is subject to geographical constraints, as he can’t cross large distances in an instant (John 6:21). Depending on where you need him to manifest himself, he may ask for travelling expenses. But apart from that, he is not asking for a fee.

And unlike many of Jesus’s more high-profile followers like Padre Pio, Reuben isn’t very good at the old bilocation, so again, this offer comes subject to his actually being available when your event is programmed. But subject to those things, if he’s free, he’s free.

If you want to take Reuben up on his offer, mention it when you apply for the scores. Email to the usual info@chichestermusicpress.co.uk address.

We are most grateful to Reuben for adding this dimension to the Great Christmas Giveaway. To be clear, this is his offer from his own generosity, rather than from ours.


About Neil Sands

Director of the Chichester Music Press. Astronomer.
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