Report from the Great Christmas Giveway

A few weeks before Christmas, in fact a very few weeks before Christmas, we gave away free copies of David Truslove’s There Is No Rose for SSA to the first choir that asked for them. That choir had to undertake to perform the piece during the Christmas period, which would mean learning it from scratch in a very short space of time.

St Wilfrid’s Church choir in Bognor Regis stepped up for the challenge, performing the piece twice including at their Midnight Mass. Their director Janine Willard takes up the story:

After securing free copies of Truslove’s There is no rose, generously given to us at St Wilfrid’s, Bognor, we were really keen to make a really good go of the piece. Initially some of the singers had thought it would be impossible to sing; we were only 2 or 3 per part, and the piece contains more than one tricky moment. We spent a lot of time having separate rehearsals from the tenors and basses, so we could really work on learning it in properly. Some of the singers found that the piece was not to their taste, but as we learned it, and the harmonies became familiar, their opinion started to change. By the time we performed the piece for our Nine Lessons and Carols service, as well as Midnight Mass, all the singers really enjoyed it. We did draft in an extra voice each in the end, just to give the singers a little more confidence, and at both services, it came off beautifully, but particularly at Midnight Mass, where there were many comments afterwards regarding the beauty of the piece, as well as the delivery by the singers. We will be looking out for more Truslove!

Did someone say “Looking out for more Truslove”? Look no further!

Our thanks to Janine for writing about the choir’s experience, and also to the singers themselves for taking the bull by the horns and learning the piece in the time available. It’s a beautiful piece which obviously went down well with the Bognor Regis congregations, thanks to their efforts.


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