Music for education – a call for pieces

This year it is our intention at the Chichester Music Press to extend our catalogue into educational music. We already have a strong corpus of liturgical choral music, and while we will continue to bring new music to that genre, we will also be publishing music for the use of schools or of individual pupils.

This post is therefore a general call for pieces, and it’s aimed really at music educators who are also composers. If you know anyone who might be interested, please do direct them here.

We are already preparing James Humberstone‘s The Riemann Hypothesis for publication; it’s a huge-scale piece for 500 string players, all of them students, running the gamut from beginner to advanced. But we are also interested in music on a much smaller scale.

Do you write music for your students and pupils? Have you ever thought of trying to bring it to a wider audience? Maybe you have a talented chamber group at your school, a string quartet perhaps, that you’ve written music for. Or have you written songs, or larger pieces like musicals, for your school choir? The idea is, if it’s useful for your people in your setting, chances are it’ll be useful to similar groups elsewhere, and our aim is to facilitate that sharing process.

If we publish your music in this way, you will join our growing number of published composers, and you’ll earn royalties on music sold.

If you want to test the water, please email a sample of your music. We’re not promising to publish everything submitted, of course, but we’ll certainly have a very good look at everything. Scores can be sent as Sibelius files or PDF files, or get in touch if you want to ask about other file formats. Or you can send music on paper by post. Get in touch also if you have any queries at all.

Good luck!


About Neil Sands

Director of the Chichester Music Press. Astronomer.
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