The Chichester Music Press Great Christmas Giveaway

And I do mean great!

We’ve been churning out Christmas piece after Christmas piece for a long time now, most recently Reuben Thomas’s Jesus’ Lullaby, and even though Christmas is getting very close these pieces are still finding performers (Jesus’ Lullaby is being performed in Paris on 19th December).

Our latest publication, however, is cutting it rather fine even by our standards, and it would be a confident choir that took it on at this late stage. It’s David Truslove’s There Is No Rose for unaccompanied SSA (not to be confused with his other recent setting of the same words for SATB and semichorus).

We are offering a free set of copies to the first choir to undertake to perform this new SSA setting of There Is No Rose this Christmas.

So if you know a choir that’s up to the challenge of learning a new piece in the remaining few weeks before the big day, please point them here. It’s only 3 minutes’ worth of music, filling 3 pages of score, and it’s not terribly hard so it should be doable, if you get on with it!

There are a couple of rules:

  1. You must perform the piece in public, either in a service or a concert, in the Christmas season of 2013.
  2. You can have no more than 30 copies free. Additional copies are £1.20 each. (Naturally you can’t take the free ones and photocopy any shortfall because that’s illegal and unfair, and you’re not that kind of person anyway.)
  3. If you’re based in the UK, you won’t have to pay postage either. If you’re based outside the UK, we’ll ask you to cover the postage charge, whatever that turns out to be.
  4. Please consider writing about the performance, and the process of learning the piece prior to the performance, for this blog. Include a couple of photos if you can. It’ll be really interesting to hear of your experiences.
  5. Only one choir can benefit from this offer. So email now to stake your claim.

About Neil Sands

Director of the Chichester Music Press. Astronomer.
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