Steinberg’s new blog

I’ve written before about Sibelius. It is at the very heart of everything we do at the Chichester Music Press, and as a plugin writer I can even say I’ve written bits of it. I’ve come to know the people behind it, and so was very distressed when they were shed by Avid last year.

As upset as I was then, I was delighted in the same measure when the team was taken on wholesale by Steinberg, with the specific intention of producing a competing product of their own. I was greatly relieved on a personal level, because my friends and colleagues had been spared losing their livelihoods, but also on a professional level, because they are quite simply a great team with a proven track-record in conceiving and building innovative functions into Sibelius, keeping Sibelius at the cutting edge of music scoring software, right up to the moment Avid decided it was better off without them.

Time passes. Daniel Spreadbury has now launched a blog, called Keeping Score, in which he will detail the transplanted team’s plans for their new application. Unencumbered by an increasingly ageing codebase, they are ploughing ahead building their programme from scratch. It already sounds wondrous. I got such a buzz when reading it I even used the A-word in the blog’s comments, even though it’s Lent!

I look forward to jumping ship as soon as the opportunity arises.


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Director of the Chichester Music Press. Astronomer.
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