Remember, by Edward-Rhys Harry

Remember, by Edward-Rhys Harry

Edward-Rhys Harry’s latest piece is a setting of Christina Rossetti’s text Remember, which he wrote for the Child Bereavement UK charity. It’s for SATB and piano. It’s a pensive piece, intended to provide its first audience, at a concert in aid of Child Bereavement UK, an opportunity to pause, reflect and remember. As the composer says, it’s:

Reflective, sensitive but ultimately leading the listener to accept Rossetti’s words of comfort, and encouragement to be happy – yes even in loss.

I wrote about this piece recently in a blog article, and Rossetti’s words are quoted there, together with a little background about their origin. You can also read there about the various front covers we were considering using for the score.

The one we settled on in the end is the one with a child in a swing, reaching out towards an empty swing next to him. You can’t help but wonder what thoughts and feelings he is carrying, and to want to try to comfort him in his loss.

This cover didn’t go down universally well with everyone in his family, but I can now exclusively reveal, as if you hadn’t guessed, that he’s my family as well, and I’m fine with it, partly because I don’t see a creepy image of a blurry boy reaching out for his absent friend, but my son, who posed very nicely when I asked him too, but couldn’t quite do it without a smile on his face. That was one of the reasons for blurring that part of the picture – a practical matter, as well as for the disturbing effect it has. I’m posting the original photo below. It’s the way I remember the scene whenever I look at the cover, and I hope it dispels some ghosts for anyone disquieted by the altered version on the cover itself.

No ghosts here - just a little fella having a giggle

No ghosts here – just a little fella having a giggle

Copies of Remember can be ordered from this order form.


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