Sibelius’s UK office to close

This is a very painful post to write and it won’t be a long one. Avid have recently announced the shocking news that they are closing Sibelius’s office in the UK. The staff there are losing their jobs, and their duties will be given to other people elsewhere.

Quite aside from the tragic human story behind this, which admittedly I can see more close-up than most, there is no sense in the decision. These are the people who’ve nurtured Sibelius for well over a decade; who’ve designed it and built it, who’ve had all the ideas for it and who have turned it into the best music notation software there is. These people are amazingly talented, and they know Sibelius absolutely inside out. For Avid to think that they can give the job to some newbies somewhere else and it’ll carry on being worth something is astonishing. Avid are destroying the very thing that Sibelius is successful – those people.

All I can do is shake my head and wish it wasn’t happening.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Avid are inviting feedback and saying that they’re listening to the Sibelius community. While that may of course be rubbish, there are many dozens of critical responses attached to their decision here: No one has a good word to say about it. If you read a handful of the comments you will get a feel for the utter despair people are feeling.

Do feel free to have a say there yourself.


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