Christmas – busy time for musicians

Christmas is a busy time for most musicians, as choirs and other ensembles all try to cram their Christmas services and concerts into a few short weeks. But for some, the preparation starts long, long before December.

When did your own preparations start? Did you record an album in July that’s hitting the stands now, aimed at Christmas stockings? Did you spend all summer typesetting new editions of familiar Christmas music for the Christmas market? Has your choral society been rehearsing Messiah for more months than you care to count?

We managed to publish Jamie W Hall’s As I Lay Upon A Night a few short weeks before Christmas – not usually very wise timing but still early enough for two performances and a broadcast (Winchester Cathedral Chamber Choir sing it on December 11th, and the BBC Singers broadcast it on December 21st).

Please do comment below with stories about your own Christmas preparations and how long they’ve been going on, whether you’ve been preparing for church services, school pantomimes, recordings, publications, broadcasts, concerts or whatever else.


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One Response to Christmas – busy time for musicians

  1. I spent all of yesterday evening up to my elbows in Sibelius working on an arrangement of The Twelve Days of Christmas for this weekend’s Cantilena concert in Quy, Cambridgeshire. I probably should have written it a little earlier, since we only have one rehearsal left before the performance…

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